Call Piraino Consulting, Inc. for service on your existing audio and video products.  We have a direct relationship with many manufacturers and distributors.  If you need repair or just maintenance on projectors, control systems, sound equipment, video conferencing products, displays and more feel free to submit a request and we will be in contact.  

Many of our customers also take advantage of our certified trainers.  Contact use for training on your audio and video products.   Go to the top of this web site and select Training/PD under the Services drop down menu.


technical support

As part of the Piraino Consulting full service experience we provide technical support for all warrantied products as well as service options for all your classroom or business technology.  If you have products that are no longer in warranty or were purchased through other companies, we have customized service programs to assist in maintaining complete functionality of your current technology, which will extend the life of all your products.